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Dolam Stand-Off: Where do we stand?

Link to my previous detailed analysis on Doklam stand-off:

A simple comparison between number of troops actively deployed or dedicated to the Sino-Indian border by India and China will show that India has disproportionate advantage. Sure, China or People Liberation Army (PLA) can and will bring in troops based outside of Tibet but the same will take time, the fantastic infrastructure built by the Chinese not-withstanding. And then, there is this small inconvenient issue of acclimatization of troops to fight in such high altitude areas. The average elevation of Tibetan Plateau is 4,500 meters (14,800 feet) and it rises further along the Sino-Indian boundary or McMahon Line where the Himalayan watershed divided India from Tibetan plateau. In comparison, major PLA formations tasked against India – and which will comes from outside Tibet – are based in cities at less than half or even 1/7th of this elevation.

Indian Army and Anti-Tank Guided Missiles

India has selected the Israeli made 3rd generation, Fire and Forget (F&F) Spike-MR anti-tank guided missile for equipping its infantry. The missile has been developed by Rafael Advanced Defense System. Rafale has tied with Kalyani Group to co-produce the missile at their joint facility at Hyderabad.
The $1 billion deal covers purchase of 321 missile launchers, 8,456 missiles and 15 training simulators. There is further option of acquiring 1,500 additional launchers, 30,000 missiles with Transfer-of-Technology (TOT). Bharat Dynamics Limited (BDL), which is the main manufacturer of anti-tank missiles, will build these missiles. In fact, if news reports are to be believed, final integration of missile produced by Kalyani Rafael Advanced Systems (KRAL) will be done by Bharat Dynamics Limited.
But the above purchase decision reflects filling only one component of India's anti-tank missile requirement. A 2010 report in Times of India gives the following details of overall ATGM require…